¡Goodbye tobacco! The ideal Cystus calendar to help you

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¡Goodbye tobacco! The ideal Cystus calendar to help you

A smoking cessation calendar is a useful tool, which can facilitate habit change and improve the quality of life of people who follow and stick to it. However, it is important to keep in mind that everyone is different and what works for someone, may not work for others.

Therefore, it is advisable to adapt our calendar to individual needs and circumstances, and to consult with a doctor or specialist before starting the process.

This calendar can help people who want to quit smoking cigarettes gradually and safely, using herbal cigarettes that do not contain tobacco, nicotine, or chemical additives and that have seven different flavors, so you can choose the one you like best and suits you.

In order for the calendar works properly, the next steps, must be keep in mind:

- A start date and a target date for completely quitting traditional cigarettes.

- A progressive reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked per day, depending on the level of dependence and capacity of each person; and combine with the progressive use of natural herbal cigarettes to avoid withdrawal symptoms; according to our calendar.

Sometimes using more than one flavor of herbal cigarettes are ideal to take away the desire for traditional tobaccos, as their best substitute in the Spanish market.

- Track progress and benefits of reducing tobacco use and increasing the use of herbal cigarettes, such as saving money, improving health, and increasing self-esteem.

- A contingency plan to deal with possible difficulties or relapses that may arise during the process, such as stress, anxiety or cravings, which are provided by the Cystusnature herbal cigarette rolling bites in its different varieties, since it does not contain nicotine and cleanses your body little by little.

- Professional, family or social support that can offer advice, motivation and support to the person who wants to quit smoking.

And to adapt the calendar to your individual needs and circumstances, you can follow the steps below:

- Assess your level of tobacco dependence, and use our calendar as a tool to help you determine how hard it is for you to quit smoking and what factors influence you the most to quit completely, whether in your work, social or family life.

- Set a start date and target date to quit smoking completely, taking into account your motivation, availability, and commitment. Choose a day that isn't too stressful or too tempting to smoke, so it's best to choose a day during the week and not on weekends.

- Follow the advice in our calendar that tells you how many cigarettes you are going to reduce each day, based on your level of dependency and your ability. And that it is made for a person who consumes a pack of cigarettes per day. And it's going to increase the number of herbal cigarettes, until you stop using both.

- Identify situations or times when it's most difficult for you not to smoke, and look for healthy alternatives to cope, such as always carrying tobacco-free and nicotine-free herbal cigarettes in your favorite flavor. And you can accompany them with the gradual increase of exercise and deep yoga breaths.

Seek the support of a professional, family member or friend who can offer advice, motivation and accompaniment during the process. You can also join a group of people who are in the same situation as you and share experiences and advice.

Cystusnature's herbal cigarettes are proudly made in Spain, you will not be able to buy them in pharmacies, nor in tobacconists, you will only find them exclusively in our online store www.cystusnature.com

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