We are a family business that enjoys learning from the wealth of wild plants that nature offers us. This wealth is the raw material for our herbal cigarettes, which do not contain nicotine or additives, and can help those people who want to give up smoking or smoke products that are less harmful to their health. Cystusnature was born from the stories our grandparents told about how they used natural plant herbs as substitutes for tobacco during times of precariousness.

I tell you an anecdote that said that two hunters met a shepherd who came with his sheep from Teruel to Andalusia for the transhumance through the Cañada Real and who was happy smoking. The hunters could not believe that a poor person could have tobacco to smoke, while they really wanted to smoke and had better economic conditions and did not have it.

They approached him and asked him to give them some of the tobacco and the shepherd told them that it was not tobacco, but that if they liked it they would each have to exchange with him a rabbit that they had with them; The hunters accepted and when they tried the herbal cigarette that the shepherd gave them, they were delighted with its flavor and made the agreed exchange.

The hunters asked him to tell them what type of plants he got this tobacco substitute from and the shepherd replied that if he told them his secret recipe he would no longer be able to make any more barter trades that would allow him to have food during his journey. After two years they became friends, as they met several times and the pastor decided to tell his recipe.

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